Monday, July 11, 2011

Angry Outbursts be Gone! Really?

I was recently asked how I cope with angry outbursts when under stress.

I don't profess to never struggle with an outburst but have made concerted efforts to curb those hurtful words. Really anger is like a motion detector that sets the alarm off sometimes at the most unexpected time. Unfortunately, the alarm not only affects the homeowner, us, but can annoy/affect those around them. So, when the alarm goes off, it is an alert to me that something is wrong in my heart.

Have you ever heard the example of the tea bag? The hot water only brings out what was in the tea bag! The circumstances around us too often bring out what was in the heart but we blame the 'hot water!' If only the hot water wasn't around we would have the results of an angry outburst. So is wrong to yelp when thrown in cold water? I don't think so. It is the continued simmering and nursing the outbursts that defines the angry outburst.

So what is the solution? To replace the angry words/thoughts with praises to God. Psalms 37:30 tells us to let righteous words come out of our mouth. With righteous words coming out, the ugly ones can't. I find that sometimes when those ugly emotions, angry thoughts are wanting to burst from my lips, I replace them with songs of praises to God. I sometimes literally start singing hymns out-loud! God inhabits the praises of His people and when He is inhabiting us, those annoying, hurtful words will leave. Sort of a pat answer but it is a matter of the will to make our inner being choose to curb our outburst.

So maybe you aren't dealing with angry outbursts but have children who are struggling with anger. I have another post to address how our family has helped kids to learn to control their outbursts and love one another! Stay tuned for this thread to continue.

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