Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Will we ever dig out?

In case you haven't heard, Oklahoma had a blizzard to the tune of 20" of snow last week. We got another 10" today, at least where I live. Sadly, all the digging we did last week now has 4' to 5' drifts replacing the cleared paths. Some of my kids are thrilled; the others who help with the digging/clearing paths are not so thrilled. Wonder why?! :)

I have to tell you about the goodness of man that happened to us today. We were once more digging out our drive to the main road....a lonnnng stretch. A man came down the road in a large tractor with a front loader. He cleaned the whole road for us! Thank you Jesus for the blessing. I just don't think my bones could have gotten to the finish line this time. My fresh bread I made yesterday in preparation for the storm came in handy as a gift to this kind soul.

So now to another thing to ponder. Have you ever noticed when there is a coming storm (tornado, hurricane, ice storm, snow storm, etc.) the store food clears out? The bread shelves are empty, the milk shelf, the eggs, etc., all empty. All food was gone and the trucks couldn't get here with food due to the hazardous roads to restock the empty shelves. Do you realize that with your Bosch Mixer, you can make your own bread and won't be one of those grabbing whatever bread at whatever price just to feed your family?

I knew we had the possibility of a power outage so I made several loaves of bread; milled enough flour to make meals, muffins, pancakes. I even had extra bread for a gift to our 'angel' who cleaned our road. As storms come, it is a wake up call to become more self-sufficient and prepared. Your Bosch Universal Mixer will serve you well in feeding your family through the storm! We have eaten lots of savory soups with fresh whole wheat bread. What a treat!

Will blog soon about a new chicken soup recipe I created this week during our snow storm! Stay tuned.

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