Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So much to be thankful for....

So how did the Sutton's actually spend their Thanksgiving Day? We found multiple things to be thankful for and none of it surrounded food.... It all began for us at 1 a.m. Thanksgiving Day! I awoke to truck horn honking incessantly on our drive. I looked out the window to see our field ablaze in an orangy glow of fire! Our first thanks was for a concerned neighbor to warn us of the danger.

My hubby and I donned on our coveralls and jumped into action to warn our neighbors and called the fire department. Thank you Lord for kind neighbors who all pitched in to squelch the fire. Thank you Lord that no one was hurt nor were any homes burned down. Thank you Lord for fire fighters who helped to battle the fire till 5:30 a.m.!

So let me explain how it all began. We live in the country and occasionally burn our excess trash. That evening there was no wind, which is a rarity in Oklahoma! My husband burned a fire wall around the burn pile and we proceeded to burn the trash. All was good and the fire was out, when we went to bed. The best part of the plan was the thunderstorms were coming that evening to totally douse any possibility of a later fire.

Well, the thunderstorms did come but the rain stopped short of our property. Unfortunately, there were embers in the apparent 'dead' fire. When the cold front came that night, it blew those few embers onto the dry grass and the rest is history.

How grateful I am that no one was hurt nor was any property damaged. Thank you Lord for His protection. My kids have always wanted to fight a fire and they got their full experience that evening. We discovered we had muscles that we hadn't used in a long time letting us know their presence the next day.

Needless to say, we were very thankful for all the ways that God had protected us and those around us. This will be a Thanksgiving Day that will never be forgotten.

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