Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Fellow Bread Lovers!

With Christmas looming around the corner, you may have forgotten those stocking stuffers. Let me help you during this harried season be a one stop shop! Last Christmas Eve, we had all our company stay for the night as an unexpected blizzard hit northeaster OK! Was I ever glad that I had items tucked away to pull out to give our guest that Christmas morning! :)

Usually, the Christmas stocking fill with cheap items that don't last more than a week. Below are some ideas that will enhance any cook's kitchen and a great gift. These are great stocking stuffers OR you can pick up that small item as quick gifts to have on hand.

Let me help you finish your Christmas shopping list.

God bless you and Merry Christmas,
paula :)

Great Stocking stuffers UNDER $10 for the cook:

Heavy duty Kitchen scissors: $8 (click here)

Stainless steel shears have razor-sharp edges curved blade that reaches around joints for cutting through bones. The scissors feature a nutcracker between the handles.

Silicone Hand grip: $6.50 (click here)
Easy way to keep your pans safe while your kids are helping you cook. The silicone handle fits most pans and will stay on the handle unlike a hot pad that will slip around on the hot handle!

Pancake/Egg Rings (3 to choose from): $4.75 (click here)
Make breakfast fun. Set of star/flower-shaped, heart shape, or boy/girl pancake egg rings. Can be used as a large cookie cutter.

Magnetic Measurement Equivalent: $8 (click here)
Attach this handy magnet to your stove or refrigerator and never have to leaf through your cookbooks trying to find a conversion again.

Stainless Steel Pastry Blender: $8 (click here)
Stainless steel design cuts through butter and shortening easily. Heavy duty construction.

Cutter/Scraper: $6 (click here)
Stainless steel cutter/scraper has a soft, non-slip grip. Ideal for chopping or mincing garlic, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Perfect for scraping and scooping up chopped ingredients and dividing. Convenient measures for cutting and measuring dough.

Spoonula: $8.99 (click here)
It is a spoon but also a spatula! You have a dual purpose tool that works great when mixing. I love this kitchen tool.

Excellent professional stainless steel utensils: $8.99 (click here)
This link only takes you to one of the many options for high quality stainless steel utensils. Check out all that are available to enhance your kitchen!

Silicone Pastry Brush: $8.99 (click here)
High heat resistant to 400 degrees. Won't stain, lose shape or retain odor. Dish washer safe! Safe for use with glass, nonstick and other surface!

Pizza Roller: $9.00 (click here)
Helps you to roll thin, uniform crusts for pizzas. Works for pastry and pasta doughs as well! The large roller spreads dough over broad surfaces, while the small roller fills in edges. Great handy tool!

Pizza Cutter: $10 (click here)
Stainless steel pizza wheel with a solid-filled handle guaranteeing a water tight seal. Perfect for cutting your pizza like the professionals!

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