Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

It began 5 years ago with a straggly cedar tree along the side of the road. One night coming home, we noticed this straggly tree had a Christmas bow! We decided to put some garland on the tree. As Christmas approached, a new ornament or decoration would appear on this forlorn little tree. It was so fun as no one knew who was adding what to the tree. It added to our Christmas fun to drive by and see what had been added.

Well, our little tree died last year. :( This year, we planted two little trees in its place complete with garland. Will keep you posted through out the Christmas season on how our little trees fair on my blog/facebook.

I would encourage you to begin this fun tradition. Find some forlorn cedar tree along the side of the road. Make sure it is not in a place that would be hazardous to those wanting to decorate the tree. Put a few simple decorations on the tree. Wait and see what happens as the Christmas spirit comes over people who see your "Charlie Brown" tree.

Keep updated on our little tree on my blog/facebook. Perhaps you can share your story of your little tree as well.

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