Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday Cooking Planning

Usually, you go to a cookbook for just recipes but I have found this cookbook great in helping to plan a full meal! When having company, you may want to have appetizers and your meal complimented with side dishes and drinks. The problem I find is most of these cookbooks with this type theme, the recipes are either fast-food ingredients and/or not healthy.

Many of you are already familiar with Sue Gregg. She has become cook that most think of as the standard for healthy cooking with great information on why you want to eat more nutritionally. Sue Gregg introduced a new cookbook a couple of years ago called "Holiday Menus." This has been a fun little cookbook incorporating a full menu plan for a holiday meal while not compromising nutrition. (click here to learn more!)

It has the large party type recipes so you don't rack your brain trying to on trying to think how much food to prepare.

I will be blogging about one fun fall recipe she included in this book soon! Stay tuned!

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