Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enhanced Flavors for Baked Goods!

The Nutri Mill grain grinder is perfect for enhancing your baked goods. The fresh flours will not only feed your family nutritionally but will give your traditional baked goods a richer flavor. You will love it.

To help this holiday season:

The first thing I would encourage you is to pre-grind your flours to have them ready for this fast pace cooking season. I have barley, oat, spelt, corn, pastry flour in the freezer freshly ground and ready for me to use as I need the flours for my baking.

The soft/pastry wheat will make all your pastry baked goods light and fluffy. You can enhance these baked goods by adding a cup of oat flour or barley flour in lieu of a cup of soft wheat flour to the recipe. The different flour won't alter the recipe but you will definitely sweeten the pastry, especially using oat flour. This will add the variety of grains into your family's diet. Fast and easy.

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