Thursday, October 28, 2010

Color my walls.....

Well what a whirlwind this past 4 weeks has been. In an earlier post I told about our wallpaper removal campaign. My wallpaper had really dated our home and I decided paint was cheap so it was time. My kids had fun drawing all over the wallpaper. Since we were taking it down, why not? They managed to cover the wallpaper with beautiful murals and tic-tac-toe in minutes.

Now the next step and real work began...painting the walls. I am such a plain Jane (no offense meant toward anyone named Jane!) type person that to paint in any other color than white was a big move. My hubby was shocked at the canvass color I had chosen. I was shocked as I painted the walls. With the stroke of a brush and a gallon of paint, I am now up to "date" and liking my colorful walls. I guess there is hope for me at an old age to change.

So why am I mentioning my painting on a blog that is mostly dedicated to food? Food preparation has been slim this past 4 weeks. There have been a lot of sandwiches and quick meals. I am just beginning to cook from scratch again. In fact, I made some wonderful apple dumplings yesterday that I will be posting soon! Stay tuned!

Before pic:

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