Saturday, October 9, 2010

Color my walls beautiful....

This is truly color my walls! We decided to take down wallpaper that has graced our walls for 10+ years. I highly recommend renting a wallpaper steamer. I spent many an hour using a spray on remover and scraper only to have great ease with the steamer.

The fun was coloring on the walls, a kid's dream! To the kids surprise I said, 'yes' when they asked if they could color on the walls before it came down. They had a ball covering every space of wallpaper with their names, tic-tac-toe, art work, etc. I even joined the fun playing tic-tac-toe with them. Unfortunately, they always beat me. Still can't get the strategy down. sigh.

We decided to rent the steamer for 24 hours. Our job took 28 hours and we only stopped working for 4 hours to sleep. It was way too much to bite off. I guess we couldn't be accused of underachievement with this job. After my steaming job, I discovered every bone and muscle in my body. My hubby asked me if groaning helped me work better. I wholeheartedly told him, "yes!" We both started well but by the end were both groaning.

We decided to wait to fix the walls as our bodies have recovered yet. Maybe next year. lol

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