Sunday, September 5, 2010

So why have a hearty Breakfast? Part One

I must admit that I fall in the category of 50% of Americans who either don’t eat breakfast or only eat a token piece of toast. However, when you hear this info taken from Sue Gregg’s Cook, “Breakfasts…with Blender Batter Baking & Allergy Alternatives,” you might consider making a hearty breakfast!

Excerpts from the Sue Gregg Breakfast Cookbook:
•Breakfast will take off unwanted pounds, because it helps you regulate better what you eat the rest of the day and because breakfast calories seem to be better metabolized than evening calories.
•Statistically, people who eat breakfast live longer. Researchers who discovered this theorized that going without breakfast is a sign of self-neglect and that who neglect themselves die younger.
•Breakfast stimulates more productive work because it improves your mental performance, your ability to concentrate, and increases your physical energy. Children who eat a good breakfast perform better in school.
•Eating breakfast makes problem solving easier because blood sugar is raised to an adequately sustained level.
•Breakfast gives families one more daily opportunity to eat together.

Okay I will try to eat breakfast, at least more regularly!  Stay tune for more breakfast info!

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