Monday, August 16, 2010

Perfect Gift!

The round stainless steel cake pan is great for cakes but it is also great to make a dozen cinnamon rolls for a perfect gift. Click here to learn more!

Our neighbor was so gracious to help us with our 'yard' work. Our mower had been in the shop and we had not been able to mow our yard. Once our mower was back, we were now not mowing our yard but 'haying' our yard! Our neighbor showed up to help us. So how do you pay someone who won't take money for their gifts of kindness? We made loaves of fresh bread and a pan of a dozen cinnamon rolls. Our neighbor loved it!

The round stainless steel cake pan make a perfect pan for the dozen cinnamon rolls. The round shape fits perfectly in a round plate. It made for a beautiful, delicious gift for a kind neighbor!

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