Monday, July 19, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Well 'tis the dry tomatoes that is! :) Remember, the best tomatoes are Roma tomatoes because they are a 'meatier' tomato. As you can see from the pics, I cut the tomatoes in two shapes. Cut the tomatoes 1/2" thick and simply lay them on the trays. The warm air from the dehydrator will pull over the tomatoes do the rest!

You can see that I made two different types of cuts. The shapes don't change the flavor but are different for presentation only. I didn't add anything to the tomatoes. The freshness of the tomatoes will have flavor enough to make them tasty. If you are a lover of taste, sprinkle garlic powder or lightly use seasoning salt on the tomatoes. Be careful with the salt as tomatoes have their own natural salt. I plan on using these on my salads. They will give the salad a zesty crunch much like adding croutons to the salad but more nutrition and less calories!

Enjoy your fresh tomatoes throughout the winter!

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