Friday, July 23, 2010

Stale Muffins Revived!

Have you ever made way too many muffins and forgot to cover them or just plain forgot they were there only to find them hard and stale? Okay, maybe you are not a neglectful cook as I. I have mass production of food due to large family syndrome. The only problem is I sometimes over estimate the food consumption of our family and have muffins go stale. It is such a bummer to see great muffins go stale.

We have found a perfect solution to those stale muffins...home-made cereal! Pull out your Bosch Food processor! The stale muffins will turn into instant crumbs with the slicing blade. Do the same with stale bread using your food processor to make them crumbs as well.

Mix 3 cups of muffin crumbs with 2 cups of bread crumbs. Add 1 Tablespoon of Xagave or honey per cup of muffin/bread crumbs. Spread on a stainless steel jelly roll pan. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until crunchy. Periodically, turn the cereal mixture to enable it bake the muffin/bread mixture thoroughly. The flavor of this cereal will be according to the muffins you choose.

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