Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some new ideas for Preserving Your Food!

This is the time to buy or pull our your dehydrator!! I have told you before but I would HIGHLY recommend the Profilter for dehydrating. Why? It is the only dehydrator on the market that filters the air before it blows over your food. Just think about the nasty air conditioning filters with all the dust and dirt that it has filtered from the air in your home! The Profilter dehydrator only allows cleaned filtered air to pour over your food. Click here to see more about this wonderful dehydrator!

Tomatoes are coming in abundance now. There is nothing like a fresh tomato! Pull out your dehydrator and dry them. You can dry them plain OR you can put seasonings on them. They are great to add to your salad all through the winter months. See my recipe below for dried tomatoes!

Cucumbers can be dried! Cut them about 1/4" thick. You can add a great flavor to them by sprinkling them lightly with garlic. They will taste like chips when dried. Yum.

Peas will dry into hard little balls that you will be able to throw into soups. The nutrition will be higher in the peas than frozen!

Blueberries! The season for blueberries is over for most states but these dehydrate beautifully. Simply wash them and fill the dehydrator tray. Dehydrated blueberries are great to add to pancakes and muffins. You will get the flavor and nutrition without compromising your recipe with the added water content in the blueberry.

Peaches, apples and pears are around the corner! I recommend peeling them first as the skin hardens when drying. You can dice or cut them in slices. These will all be great fruits to take on road trips or hiking. You can also make them into excellent pies. Click here to see my blog for an apple pie made with dehydrated apples!

Beef jerky is always a favorite to dehydrate. Have you ever looked at the label on your store beef jerky? There are enough preservative and additives to make your head spin. You can make your own beef jerky and keep it healthy.

Our family favorite is fruit leather. I made some banana/chocolate fruit leather the other day. Easy! See my fruit leather recipe below!

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