Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fruit Leather Made Easy!

Fruit leather or fruit roll ups are a great treat for the kids. The kind you get in the store are pretty pricey and full of sugar. You can easily make your own with a dehydrator. I like to use bananas as my base since they are relatively cheap. I then add what ever other fruit to give the fruit leather its unique flavor.

Here I made chocolate/banana fruit leather. Yum. How easy is that? Blend bananas and powdered cocoa; pour onto the fruit leather tray. About 7 hours later, we had yummy fruit leather with no artificial colors/flavors!

I use orange juice concentrate or pineapple juice concentrate to make more flavors. This is the best snack and great to take hiking!

Note from Paula: Kitchen Scissors are a perfect tool for every kitchen. I use these to cut the fruit leather but they are great for multiple purposes. I will have later posts showing how this handy tool helps the cook! Click here to see the scissor!

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