Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Road Trip Entertainment

Our family has been able to pass the many miles these past 2 months via Audio Books. We have let our minds take adventures through audio books.

I have chosen to let history come alive via G A Henty books narrated by Jim Hodges. click here for more info. It has been great to learn history of the Romans invading the Island of old England in "Beric the Briton"; the history of the fall of Jerusalem with the Romans invading via Titus in "For the Temple"; "Wolf the Saxon" which took us through the Normans invading England...you get the picture. Lots of history without feeling like we are learning while on the road! We have listened to 7 so far!

We listened to the "Chronicles of Narnia" which leads me to another direction for this post. I have told before that God is writing each of our story book of life and we will see on heaven's side what the full story looks like. While listening to the "The Boy and His horse" by C.S. Lewis, one line stood out to me and really ministered to my heart. When Shasta was before Aslan, he asked Aslan "why did you hurt others?" Aslan told Shasta he was to only know his own story and not to understand everyone else's story. Humm...how many times are we questioning God for pain and suffering we see others going through. God knows their heart and need. Just as He knows my heart and what I need to grow and fulfill my purpose and design for this life so God knows the heart of others. I am to focus on His design for me and learn from my trials and blessings more about God and to fulfill His purpose for my life.

You are not a small number in masses of humanity! May you start seeing the storybook of life that God is writing about you and creating with each day that passes.

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