Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dehydrated Apple Pie

This is a simple method to have fast apple pie for dinner. Well sort of...I have two methods that I make this type of pie.

First I will give you the traditional method:
Prepare your pie crust with your Bosch Food Processor (recipe & instruction are on my blog)
Soak the dehydrated apples for about 40 minutes in water till soft.
Place the softened apples in your pie shell and add your cinnamon, small dabs of butter, sugar (I use Xagave or honey)
Cover with your pie top (we used the apple pie topper; click here to see it!)
Bake 350 degrees till golden brown (approximately 40 minutes)

The FAST way:
Cover the lazagan pan with dehydrated apples (about 1" thick). Pour water over the dried apples till the apples are barely covered with water. Drizzle liberally honey or Xagave over the apples. Dab butter and sprinkle with cinnamon. Cover with a pie crust. Put it straight in the oven and bake 350 degrees about 40 minutes till golden brown.

You cannot use the fast method if you want a bottom crust. The water will destroy the crust. I love using the fast method to make a quick dessert. You are going to love it.


  1. I must be missing it but could you please direct me to the pie crust recipe? Thank you!

  2. Yes, the pie crust recipe is an old posting on October 9 2009. It's title is, "Pie Crust Made Easy." I use the Bosch Food Processor to make a fabulous crust in minutes. It is soooo easy and makes a flaky crust. The key to great crust is cold butter. You will love the flavor the butter crust adds to your pie. Enjoy!