Friday, May 7, 2010

April Showers brought early May Flowers!

Some people see spring as the time to do the deep cleaning of the house but I turn outside. Not really a green thumb here but love flowers. Kind of sad since I really don't have a green thumb. I have found that petunias will survive me and our harsh Oklahoma wind and sun around our home.

My love for flowers has almost killed me as I finished one flower bed to find that I have more aching muscles than I know I owned! Humm...maybe I will start liking the fake flowers and just stick them in the pot. lol Don't think I could and will plant every spring till my bones won't let me.

So how does this fit in the harried woman section? Flowers are so therapeutic. When I didn't have flower beds, I bought a few large pots to sit on my porch and planted my flowers. The beauty of them growing, releasing their sweet scents simply brought calmness. My favorite thing to do, is to sit on my front porch with flowers around me and relish the moments of quietness. In the early baby years this would be early and usually with a toddler in my lap but still soothing.

Plant a flower pot today and enjoy God's fabulous work of art that declares His glory.

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