Sunday, February 14, 2010

Renew your perspective of Love!

This is the "month of love" and usually focuses on a high expectations from wives wanting to be remembered on that special day, February 14th. Humm...does this only set us up for great disappointment? I think so. The world focuses on this one day to express our love but really God wants us to make the whole year a time to express love rather than concentrating on a specific day. By changing our mindset for this 'day of love' it will help us to tell our expectations 'good-bye!'
This is not to say we should not make a special dinner or card to express our love on February 14th but do not limit planning a special dinner or sending a card expressing your love other days of the year. Let us practice loving one another and purpose to write more notes of appreciation to all those who have blessed our lives.

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