Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ebenezers of our Lives

How do you handle life when it throws you a curve ball?

Life is full of what I call Ebenezers in our lives. These are milestones which mark levels in our lives where we are given a choice on how to react to our curve balls. God gives us a chance to spread our wings and grow to a new level with Him; or we can dig our heels in and react to the milestone with bitterness and dismay that life is so unfair.

Just as we watch our children grow at different stages into a more mature person, God is growing us, His children, to maturity through our milestones. I encourage you to look at this past year and see God in all the circumstances and use that as a springboard to know that He holds tomorrow and this coming year in the palm of His hand. I am so thankful that nothing takes God by surprise. Read my blog for a past Ebenezer that I had about home schooling. It is rather humorous with what God used to get my attention. :)

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