Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas focus.

Keeping the focus of Christmas
This is the month many memories are made and family is key. The biggest key for me is to not do traditions for the sake of traditions. A common tradition is making cut out cookies. Moms make the cut out cookies with their kids and find themselves snapping just to try and get the project done or have the perfect cookie. It is not the destination (finished project) that is the goal but the ride! When I have been too overwhelmed with life, I have bought the store package sugar cookie mix! Horrors! Me?... the one telling everyone to eat healthy? You guessed it! Remember, it is the ride not the destination! We have several family traditions in the baking realm that have become traditions: sugar cookies, gingerbread towns, Christmas wreath and many more delectable desserts. See my blog ginger bread town. It will be a real surprise as it is not the typical ginger bread town but my kids artwork via ginger bread dough. It is their favorite tradition and are even planning what this year's theme will be.

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