Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holiday Blur

Today marks the beginning of our holiday blur. Many rejoice holidays begin while others cringe and overfill their schedules with needless busyness just because that is what we are conditioned to do during this season. Our family this year has taken a hard look at many of our traditions to decide if it really works with our growing extended family. Traditions are great and conjure fond memories but if you find the tradition causing undue stress on the family to keep it going, it might be time for a change of directions. Don’t get caught in the trap but think outside the box! On the subject of Thanksgiving, our immediate family celebrates Thanksgiving on Saturday after the “official” Thanksgiving Day. We found it made for a less stressful day; no rushing to extended families homes; and a day to rest from overeating at other family members homes. The goal is to make it a true day of thankfulness and not to get caught up in the all-American fervor of a holiday. See my blog for one of our family traditions to encourage thankfulness.

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